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Welcome to the stars, intrepid traveller.

We all share the same sky. One sky, one destiny.

I recently changed my livejournal username from anglerfish07 to sunlit_music. :-)

We are all changing from time to time. Change can be a good thing. :-)

Tell others about myself? *scratches head, confused* Everybody is too complex and interesting to be summed up in a bio. Do you want to find out about yours truly (myself)? See my list of hobbies and interests below. Drop me an email! Shoot me a quick, friendly message. Or comment in my blog...I won't bite. :)

Most of my blog posts are locked (high privacy settings) to protect my (and other people's) privacy and avoid bothersome spam/online trolls. If you're new here, then welcome aboard! *waves back, smiling*

Friending policy: If you want to friend me, go right ahead. :) I'd definitely appreciate it so much if you let me know why you friended me, so I know that you're not a serial adder.

On defriending: If you want me to remove you from my friends list, that’s fine. Just send me a message and I can remove you from my online friends list if you want.

If you want to remove me from your friends list, that’s fine too. I prefer receiving a short message to let me know that it wasn’t an accident, but you don’t have to message me about it if you don’t want to.

I once removed a friend off my friends list by accident years ago, she told me about it and I added her back. So if we were getting along really well and you don’t get a short polite message from me on why the defriending happened, I probably removed you by accident.

Generally, I only remove people from my friends list if we no longer have much in common and haven’t communicated in at least two years online (say, if you haven’t responded to my comments or posts in two or more years). If I remove you and you want to be added back to my friends list, let me know and I’ll add you back.

If English is not your first language and you've added me, please feel free to ask what I mean (I use Australian spelling and slang). :) You can also type in Google Translate to help with translation, and the Google Translate App can be downloaded onto newer mobile phones to make your stay on Livejournal more fun and less confusing!
Google Translate doesn't translate languages perfectly, but it helps with translation somewhat.

You can learn new languages for free by downloading the Duolingo app onto a mobile phone, as others have recommended. :)
Hint, hint: If you click on any of the hobbies/interest listed in the interests section of a livejournal profile, Livejournal will show who else also shares those interests! And that is my Announcement of the Day. You may now return to your Daily Routine! :)

If the websites I mention in my livejournal profile no longer work, please feel free to tell me this so I can update my profile to mention that the website addresses don't work anymore. Thanks very much. :)
If you type everywun into the google search engine, you can go to the everywun website and play games to help donate mosquito nets to disadvantaged people overseas.
Unite 4 human rights in Iran

Click here to play a fun word game, donate free rice to hungry people (and improve your English vocabulary/ become a walking dictionary):
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