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How to become a baker in Australia.

 To become a baker in Australia, you need a certificate 2 in baking from TAFE, followed by a certificate 3 in baking. The certificate 3 in baking is now rarely given unless you're already working in a bakery as an apprentice.

Bakers' Delight Bakery is now offering bakery traineeships (work experience). Contact your local bakery to see if they provide trainee ships. 

Bakers' Delight website:
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The Illawarra Business College RTO diploma courses

 The Illawarra Business College registered training organisations (RTO) provides accredited diploma courses on commercial cookery (becoming a chef), hospitality, business and more. 

They also provide student work experience through traineeships. These traineeships receive money from the government through the Smart and Skilled program, so you pay less money to study.

Their head office is in South West Sydney.

Website URL:
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Barista School RTO training courses

 CBD college - Australian Barista School registered training organisation provides accredited courses on becoming a barista, a person who makes coffee in a coffee shop. 

Their nationally accredited course costs about $399 and is two days long. 

The course is in Sydney. 

Their website URL is: []

They encourage people to wear masks, gloves, wash your hands, and stay 1.5 metres apart from people due to covid restrictions. 

Enrolment is done online through their website. Just pick the dates you want to enrol. 
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Torrens University culinary degree, Sydney campus

 For anyone interested: you can apply for a culinary (cooking degree) at Torrens University, Sydney campus. 

While some of their courses are in Adelaide, their culinary cooking degree is taught on their Sydney campus. 

Bachelor degree of Culinary Management - 3 years full time.

Associate degree of Culinary Management. Full time and part time in Sydney. 

Their website URL is